Election Fact Checks

We’re rounding up all of the stories of voter fraud or other impropriety, along with their associated fact-checks, so that you can access them one in place. 

CLAIM: A dead 118-year-old man voted by absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan this year. 

FACT: The man’s son—who lives at the same address and shares the same name—voted by mail, and his vote was mistakenly attributed to his father through a clerical error. County records confirm that there is no record of a redundant vote under the son’s name and birthdate. 


CLAIM: The ballots of Republican voters are being tossed in Arizona because voters were given Sharpies to fill their ballots out with, resulting in their rejection. 

FACT: Voters were, indeed, given Sharpies, but this did not result in the rejection of their ballots. Offset columns ensured that bleeding would not affect their readability, and Arizona election officials say that, if an issue were to arise, there is a process that would keep the ballots from being canceled out.


CLAIM: A poll watcher was denied access to a polling site in Philadelphia.

FACT: This is true. There was a poll watcher who was denied access to a location in Philadelphia under the mistaken belief that his certification was only valid at the ward and division specified on his watcher’s certificate (which used to be the law but no longer is). Said poll watcher was ultimately admitted to another location, and the judge of election at the original location was made aware of the fact that the law has since changed to allow for admission citywide. 


CLAIM: Biden was mysteriously awarded 138,000 votes in a data dump that suspiciously awarded zero to Donald Trump. 

FACT: A clerical error resulted in the addition of a zero to Biden’s unofficial vote tally, which was caught by a state election official and changed to reflect the official count. The person who first shared this information has since deleted his original tweet, now that clarification has been made.

CLAIM: Republicans were denied opportunity to observe counting in Detroit. 

FACT: Absentee ballots were counted at a downtown convention center, where 134 counting boards were set up. Each party was allowed one poll watcher per board, according to City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

When both political parties surpassed the law-mandated maximum of 134 challengers with more than 200 each, Republican and Democratic challengers alike were barred from entering the room. When election workers told GOP challengers that the party had hit its limit, some complained of a lack of fairness and transparency. 



CLAIM: The Trump campaign was denied opportunity to observe counting in Philadelphia. 

FACT: According to a statement by the Philadelphia City Commissioners (and an admission by the Trump campaign’s own attorney in court), “The President and his campaign representatives had falsely claimed throughout the day that their representatives were not allowed in the room. But their counsel admitted at the hearing, after questions from the court, that they had several representatives in the room. In fact, they had at least 19 party representatives as observers in the Convention Center this afternoon, and more than 15 in the room while the case was being heard this evening.”


CLAIM: The postal service failed to deliver 27% of mail-in ballots in South Florida.

FACT: This was a misrepresentation of a widely shared piece of datum that was fueled by local turnaround and missing delivery scans. It is, however, untrue. 


That’s all for now, folks. I will add more fact checks here as the need for them arises. 

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