BIDEN 2020: Because We Could All Use a Little Boring

Remember what it was like not to think about the president? To go about your day—or even week—without a single second lost to the stressors that come with wondering what they were doing (or not doing, for that matter)? 

It seems like such a distant memory. Like a time lost forever to the chaos of a reality television presidency and to a captive audience athirst for drama. 

Now, Donald Trump and conservative media would have you believe that a Biden presidency would be similarly chaotic. They use buzzwords like “socialism” and “anarchy,” meant to inspire fear.

And they have to. 

The truth is, Republicans have no choice but to run on a program of fearmongering because they no longer have plans or policies of their own. The RNC elected not to even publish a party platform for 2020, choosing instead to cosign onto whatever inconsistent and frankly anti-conservative vagaries Donald Trump might develop on a whim. And despite having more than a decade since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act to devise an alternative (and having control of both chambers of Congress in 2017 and 2018), the Republican healthcare plan is perpetually “two weeks away.” 

So what does a party do when it cannot win on the issues? At that point, its only recourse is to scare the electorate into thinking that the opposition’s direction would be more damaging to the citizenry than no direction at all. 

But Joe Biden is not a socialist or an anarchist, nor does he advocate for those things. 

What Joe Biden is is actually a lot more boring: not particularly inspiring if you are seeking radical change, but not at all terrifying by the same token. 

The reality is that Joe Biden showed strength, mental fortitude, and a commitment to his long-held principles in pushing back against members of his own party when he deemed their plans or ideas to be pie in the sky fantasies or fiscally irresponsible proposals. Republicans, on the other hand, have exhibited no similar grit or mettle when met with Donald Trump’s repeated trampling of conservative norms and ideals. 

So where does that leave us? 

Democrats will argue that we cannot survive another four years of an autocratic regime, especially a regime uncurbed by the check of an ensuing election. A regime no longer bound to the interests of the electorate, since it no longer needs to curry their favor. 

And Republicans will argue that we cannot survive four years of Joe Biden. 

But the fact is . . . we can. And have.

No matter what you have been led to believe, Joe Biden is not an unknown commodity. We have already borne witness to an administration in which he played a vital role, and even if you are inclined to dismiss the fact that said administration presided over the longest economic expansion in United States history, the fact is, if you believe that Donald Trump was able to “Make America Great Again” in the three short years following Biden’s departure, then you are acknowledging that it is not only possible but fairly easy to “come back” from such an administration. 

And if he wasn’t able to Make America Great Again, what argument is left to be made about his bona fides? 

Given the above, we must not allow a party of personality to shock us into believing gross mischaracterizations or exaggerations about their opponent.

Because, in reality, the truth is a lot more benign. 

And the truth is, Joe Biden is pretty boring. 

And America could use some boring right about now. 

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